New and Evolving Therapies

There are several 'traditional' forms of therapy available to children with cerebral palsy. The aim of any physical therapy is to improve function, stability and balance. Often though, traditional treatments make little or no difference and progress is slow. For others they have little or no effect.


Parents and carers find themselves looking for new and evolving therapies and treatments, even outside of Australia, to help their children to make real functional gains and changes. It is our belief that all children with disabilities should have the opportunity and choice to receive such therapies for their rehabilitation regardless of the costs involved.


A Brighter Future Organisation Inc recognizes there are new and evolving therapies as well as traditional therapies that can produce positive, life changing results for children with Cerebral Palsy. We wish to share information about these therapies, helping to give parents the freedom to choose the types of therapies they wish to pursue. 

Conductive Education Therapy

Conductive Education (CE) is a holistic system of education developed to teach children and adults with physical disabilities (cerebral palsy and other neurological disabilities) the skills and strategies needed to function as independently as possible. Founded in Budapest, Hungary in the 1940's by medical specialist Dr. Andras Petö, who was concerned for the total well-being of children with cerebral palsy, the system is based on a number of beliefs, the foremost of which is a belief that motor disorder is a learning disability to be overcome rather than a condition to be treated. 

With some of the funds raised at our 2011 and 2012 Race Days, A Brighter Future has been able to subsidise some of the cost of Conductive Education Therapy for several children to attend Conductive Education Queensland's programs. Please click on the link to learn more about CE.




ABR - Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation 

ABR is a manual therapy developed in Europe by Leonid Blyum and the aim is to restores proper tone to the smooth muscles and internal myofascia of the body, which in a cascade effect improves proportions and alignment of the skeleton. This process is known improve the muscle tone and for the arms and legs to develop increasing muscle mass, improve the range of mobility, and finally improve overall strength - so that the children can develop their movements in normal spontaneous ways. 

ABR is a therapy that parents/carers perform at home. It involves slow, smooth compressions designed to maximize the strengthening effect on the muscles on a specific part of the child's body. Between two to three hours per day manual application is the recommended treatment. In addition an ABR 'machine' can be leased to allow further daily or nightly treatment. 

ABR is an expensive therapy not only due to the long hours and dedication a family must make to undertaking three hours of therapy a day with their child, but also due to the cost and fees associated with the therapy, including travel expenses to clinics and shared expenses for bringing the trainers to Australia. The financial costs for families can be anywhere between $10,000 - $20,000 per annum. 

A Brighter Future Organisation Inc seeks to assist families with the costs associated with ABR therapy to make it more affordable and in turn, enable the family to concentrate on the therapy instead of wondering where the money will come from for the next clinic. 


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