The Cost of Things


Cerebral Palsy is the most expensive 

childhood disability. Equipment such as wheelchairs, assistive communication devices and gait trainers are expensive, costing thousands of dollars. 

As an example, below are just some of the items many children (and adults) with cerebral palsy may require. The costs are approximate, in Australian dollars: 

$75 = one private Physiotherapy, OR Hydrotherapy OR Speech therapy session
$90 = one 'button switch' to enable adapted use of an electronic item
$200 = a modification to a manual wheelchair to accommodate a tray table
$400 = one pair of orthotic boots
$2,000 = one corner chair
$4,000 = one toilet/shower commode
$5,500 = one standing frame OR walker OR all-terrain wheelchair
$5,500 = one high-low posture support chair

$6,000 = one "Second Skin" full body splint
$6,500 = one manual wheelchair
$15,000 = one power-wheelchair
$17,000 = one voice output communication device
$25,000 = one 'eye control' communication device/computer interface
$30,000 = one 'sit-to-stand' power-wheelchair
$35,000 = modifications to the family van to make it power-wheelchair accessible
$50,000+ = modifications to the family home to make it accessible


This guide is by no means exhaustive. Ongoing therapy, diet/feeding support, medications etc all increase the burden of cost for families. A Brighter Future endeavours to help reduce some of these costs for families of children with CP.

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