Shimmering - a song for our children

Kath Lloyd, Brisbane-based childhood music educator, singer and songwriter, wrote and recorded the beautiful song Shimmering in 2008 with Brisbane a cappella ensemble, The Esplanados.


Kath has generously donated this recording to A Brighter Future, available for purchase online for only $1.69 (proceeds of course going to ABF!) - see online stores below.


We present the video clip of Shimmering, featuring Kath and some of the children and families supported by A Brighter Future.


"The inspiration for Shimmering was born out of a conversation I had with a dear friend" says Kath. "She described to me her intense emotional experience of bonding with her newborn baby. This resonated deeply within me as I recalled my own experiences of holding my children as newborns and feeling that warm infusion of love that descended and seeped into my very bones. The song paints a picture of the continuation of 'mother love' - the feeling of connection with one's children continues as they grow into themselves, and as they reflect back to you the love that you have shared with them."

As parents of children with and without disabilities, these feelings resonate deeply within us too. Thankyou so much Kath, for giving us this beautiful recording.




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