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Children with cerebral palsy often require the support of aids such as wheelchairs, assistive communication devices and gait trainers. These are necessary for correct postural positioning, or to improve mobility, communication or learning. Not having sufficient physical support can cause a child to have deformities and place further stress on an overloaded musculoskeletal system, resulting in early surgical re-alignment.

However, children outgrow equipment within short periods of time. Appointments with Occupational Therapists can take months and it isn't unusual for a prolonged process to be undertaken in identifying the right equipment, taking measurements, obtaining quotes, applying for funding, ordering and waiting for delivery to result in the equipment, once received, being too small for the child.

It has become increasingly difficult to obtain this essential equipment for a decent trial period before a commitment involving thousands of dollars is made to purchase.

A Brighter Future Organisation Inc seeks to obtain funding grants and donations so that an equipment pool can be maintained and loaned to parents whilst they undertake the initial assessment period and until such time as the bought equipment is delivered. It will fulfil the family's short term requirements, allowing the child to be correctly supported and avoiding any unneeded stressors on the child's body.

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