Exciting times with Newmans Own Foundation!


November saw a very exciting time for the ABF girls. We were thrilled to learn the charity was granted USD$50,000 from Newman’s Own Foundation, the private foundation established by the late actor Paul Newman!


Out of 650 applicants nationwide, only 25 charities were given grants – the enormity of this achievement was not lost on those involved. Feeling very proud and honoured, the ABF girls travelled to Sydney for the official announcement and were lucky enough to meet the gracious and lovely Australian ambassador to the Foundation, Deborra-Lee Furness, and NOF CEO Robert Forrester.ABF girls receive The Big Cheque

Most excitingly, the grant will be used to purchase a range of special mobility items such as adaptive tricycles, all-terrain wheelchairs and ‘power add-on’ systems which give manual wheelchair users the independence of powered mobility. These additions to our equipment loan pool will allow us to support many more children with CP.


Our warmest thanks to all involved at Newman's Own Foundation for this generous grant. 

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