2014 starts with a bang for A Brighter Future!


A new year has begun, and already we have been stunned by the generosity of friends and strangers – this time from the inspiring Crossfit community of South-East Qld.  


Over the past months, Crossfit held a series of gruelling WODstock events, raising funds through event registrations and personal donations. ABF were one of three charities to receive these funds and we received over $11,600!  We now plan to purchase a ‘trekking’ all-terrain wheelchair for our loan pool - pushing boundaries for physically challenged children with adventurous spirits! Thanks so much to Sal and everyone involved!


Funds have been coming in to us from generous people involved in the Arts too - we recently received a donation of $1,400 from Brisbane-based filmmaker Michael Cox. This was raised through ticket sales at the premiere screening of his clever and comedic Star Wars ‘fan film’, Star Wars Down Under. Our thanks to Mike and the SWDU team!  


Author and sports media guru Michael Blucher recently released Bubble Boys, his insightful book about the complex world of our elite sport stars. Michael donated the proceeds from sales at the official launch of Bubble Boys - $1,500 in all - to ABF. Thanks so much Michael, we appreciate it!


The coming months look busy for ABF as we purchase, prepare and distribute new equipment to families and kids with CP. Please continue to share our charity with children and families in need and where there is an opportunity for you to put ABF forward for donations, fundraising or grants, please share our name! Thankyou!

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